CommSync II- D® Model 407

CommSync II- D® Model 407

The CommSync II -D can provide a wide variety of time and frequency output signals with 8 I/O Module slots and 200+ available Option Modules.Utilized as a Primary Reference Source (PRS), the CommSync II-D provides either Standard Positioning Service (SPS) or the very latest in GPS military technology; SAASM/M-Code Precision Positioning Service (PPS) (for authorized users only).


Product Description:

The CommSync II-D delivers all the performance and functionality of the CommSync II in a 2U chassis. The heart of the CommSync II-D is the GPS Time and Frequency (GTF) reference module. The GTF is a hot-swappable, front panel plug-in module (with two slots available for redundancy). It is a self-contained module with Quartz Crystal (OCXO) or Rubidium Atomic oscillator options, as well as Civil or SAASM/M-Code MPE-S GB-GRAM, or SAASM/M-Code Force 22E MRU GPS receiver options. Dual Power Supplies and Reference Modules provide redundancy with uninterrupted automatic switchover.

Like our flagship CommSync II, the CommSync II-D provides a frequency accuracy of 1E-12 and a time accuracy of
< 50 ns Peak to UTC.  Additional I/O slots can be utilized by configuring a slaved CommSync II-D with Distribution Time and Frequency (DTF) modules.

For Monitor and Control functions there is an RS-232 communications port on the front panel of the GTF/DTF module, a front panel keypad and display, as well as optional Gigabit Ethernet plug-in modules providing Telnet, SNMP, PTP v2 (1588-2008), and Network Time Protocol. Zyfer Monitor (FEI-Zyfer’s remote access utility) provides complete remote control, including system status, setup, alarm logging and user management over a standard TCP/IP connection.

System Features:

  • Full Redundancy: 
    Dual GPS Reference
    Dual Power Inputs
  • Rugged 2U Chassis:
    200+ Option Modules
  • GPS Receivers:
    Standard Civil C/A-Code
    and/or SAASM/M-Code MPE-S
    GB-GRAM or SAASM/M-Code
    Force 22E MRU Military
  • User Interface:
    Standard RS-232
    Optional Ethernet I/O
    (Telnet, SNMP)
    Keypad, LCD display
  • Remote Access Utility:
    Zyfer™ Monitor
  • Standard Outputs:
    1 PPS, 10 MHz
    (Front Panel)
  • Calibration:
    All units are calibrated with
    an in-house standard
    traceable to UTC


 24 Hour Average  Rubidium Oscillator  Quartz Oscillator
 Locked to GPS  < 1E-12  < 1E-12
 Holdover (b) first 24 hours  < 5E-11  < 1E-10


   Rubidium Oscillator  Quartz Oscillator
 Locked to GPS  < 50 ns Peak  < 50 ns Peak
 Holdover (b) first 24 hours  < 3 μs  < 7 μs


 Allan Deviation  Rubidium Oscillator  Quartz Oscillator
 1 sec  < 3E-11  < 1E-11
 10 sec  < 1E-11  < 1E-11
 100 sec  < 3E-12  < 1E-10


   Standard Output  Low Noise 5MHz
 1 Hz  < -90 dBc/Hz  < -105 dBc/Hz
 10 Hz  < -105 dBc/Hz  < -130 dBc/Hz
 100 Hz  < -125 dBc/Hz  < -150 dBc/Hz
 1 kHz  < -135 dBc/Hz  < -158 dBc/Hz
 Standard GPS Receiver – Civil C/A-Code:
 Type:  8 to 12 channel, independent tracking
 Frequency: 1575.42 MHz (L1)
 Code:  C/A
 Acquisition Time:  Warm Start: < 2 minutes, Cold Start: < 20 minutes.
 SAASM/M-Code GPS Receiver – Military P(Y)-Code:
 Type:  12 channel, independent tracking
 Frequency:  1575.42 MHz and 1227.60 MHz (L1 & L2)
 Code:  C/A and P(Y)
 Acquisition Time: (c)  Warm Start: < 2 minutes
Hot/Cold Start: Dependent on Initialization Device
 Keyload Interface:  DS-102
 FORCE 22E MRU SAASM/M-Code GPS Receiver – Military C/A and P(Y)-Code: (e)
 Type:  24 channel, simultaneous tracking of L1, L2 and C/A codes
 Frequency:  1575.42 MHz and 1227.60 MHz (L1 & L2)
 Code:  C/A and P(Y)
 Acquisition Time: (c)  Warm Start: < 2 minutes
Hot/Cold Start: Dependent on Initialization Device
 Keyload Interface:  DS-102

Reference Option Info

 Standard GPS Receiver  SAASM/M-Code GPS Receiver (e)
 1 PPS, 50 Ω, TTL level, SMA, Ext. Sync Input  1 PPS, 50 Ω, TTL level, SMA, External Sync Input
 RS-232 I/O connector  RS-232 I/O connector
 10 MHz, 50 Ω, TTL level, SMA connector  10 MHz, 50 Ω, TTL level, SMA connector
 1 PPS, 50 Ω,
TTL level, SMA connector
 1 PPS, 50 Ω,
TTL level, SMA connector
 Keyload Interface – DS-102
 Hot Start connector (optional)

Several Power Input options are available, including single or dual modules (for redundancy), 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz, 12 VDC or 48 VDC, or a combination of AC and DC Power Input modules.


 Height: 87 mm (3.50″) (2U)
 Width:  438 mm (17.25″) (19″ EIA Rack)
 Depth:  419 mm (16.5″) including connectors
 Weight:  27 lbs. (max.)
 Operating Temperature: 0° C to 50° C
 Rate of Change:  10° C/Hour
 Storage Temperature:  -40° C to +85° C
 Relative Humidity:  5 % to 95 %, non-condensing
 Altitude, Operating:  60 m to 4000 m
 Altitude, Storage:  60 m to 9000 m

(a) After 24 hours of GPS locked operation, fixed antenna location, antenna delays entered.
(b) After 48 hours of continuous operation.
(c) 2σ (95.5 % probability).
(d) Detailed specifications for various output modules: See “Option Module User’s Manual 385-8003”.
(e) U.S. Government policy restricts the sale of Precise Positioning Service (PPS) equipment to those
authorized by the U.S. Department of Defense. Non-U.S. authorized users must purchase PPS equipment
through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) process.
(f) Dependent on the accuracy of initialization parameters from PLGR or DAGR handheld SAASM/M-Code GB-GRAM receivers, or other initialization devices.

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