Rack-Mounted Timing Systems

The CommSync II family of modular systems provide GPS time and frequency outputs to meet your synchronization requirements. All systems include support for multiple input and output modules including 1PPS, IRIG, HAVE QUICK, PTTI, IEEE-1588 PTPv2, low phase noise 1, 5, and 10 MHz sine wave as well as custom outputs.

These systems are available with military SAASM/M-Code MPE-S GB-GRAM, SAASM/M-Code Force 22E MRU or civilian C/A GPS receivers. Rubidium or OCXO oscillators provide for excellent holdover performance in the event of failure of the reference inputs. In addition, they may be configured as Distribution Time and Frequency (DTF) systems that are synchronized by an external reference. Dual Redundant systems (CommSync II & CommSync II-D) may be configured with two GPS Time & Frequency (GTF) modules and two power supply modules (AC and/or DC power) for redundancy with uninterrupted automatic switchover.

Monitor and Control functions are via an RS-232 communications port, front panel keypad and display, as well as optional Ethernet plug-in modules providing Telnet, SNMP, PTPv2, and NTP. Zyfer Monitor (FEI-Zyfer’s remote access utility) provides complete remote control, including system status, setup, alarm logging and user management over a standard TCP/IP connection.

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